Stepping off the promised path for today’s entry…

This weekend is the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival. Like most festivals, there is more going on then any one person can see or do. Keywords for the weekend would be historical, vintage, ancestor, with the featured timeline, pre 1750’s through post-Civil War 1870’s.

For some reason, this city was named after a Greek guy, Demetrius Ypsilanti. But before that it was called Woodruff’s Grove, which grew into a French trading post along side the Huron River, now known as our Depot Town. There will be an encampment this weekend in the Riverside Park demonstrating the life of those times with such things as Native American Dance, artifacts, Buffalo Soldiers, beer brewing, and trader booths.

Built around that will be a multitude of activities; parade, games, museums, tours, food, contests, arts and crafts, etc. There will be a tent next to the clock tower in the middle of the street of Depot Town, the Local Artist’s Tent. That’s where I’ll be, at least part of the time, along with about twenty other artists. We’ll each have two or three pieces of work for the viewing eyes of festival goers.

Stop by if you are in the area!!

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