How many times in our lives do we get caught in the rain? Or have to deal with the nuisance of an umbrella? Rain is one of those things that we need but often find rather inconvenient.

Have you ever taken the time to closely examine a raindrop?

For one of my pieces in the September exhibit of Landscape Bodyscape, I decided to do just that. Even though I magnified these Raindrops a few thousand times, the painting is only 8.5” by 7”. It’s done with Prismacolor colored pencils on Stonehenge paper. There are ten or more layers of color in places to develop that wet look.

Part of the challenge with Raindrops was actually the color itself. It’s my personal opinion that Prismalcolor pencils are a bit lacking in the green family. This required more layering to achieve the desired colors. But I’m hooked on the blending ability of these pencils, so I don’t mind the extra layering. It’s quite therapeutic actually.

“With each raindrop, is cast a magical, mystical spell,
Overflowing with dreams that may one day come true.”

From “Raindrops Cast” by Samuel E. Stone

Have a grand day!

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