Why I Teach WordPress.com for Artists

WordPress.comMore and more, artists are realizing that they need to take control of their online web presence.   You need to build and maintain your own website, unless, of course, you can afford to pay someone else to do it for you.

But if you want to do it, then here are some reasons that I recommend you give WordPress.com a whirl.


 1.  Tons of Themes to Choose

At the time of this writing they have around 141 free themes and 70 premium themes.  In that collection, there are 23 responsive themes which are becoming very popular because of the many device sizes in existence.

The variety is large enough to find a theme that suits any personality and style.  For artists, the important thing is to find a clean, simple theme that allows their artwork to do the speaking.

2.  Can Integrate Your Social Media Sites

Sharing is available as well as auto sharing your blog posts.  Many artists hate how much time this whole process can take.  So being able to automate these things is a real plus.

3.  Can set it up as a Website, Blog or Both

I know there are still artists who have no desire for blogging and want only to build a more traditional website to house an online portfolio.  Yes, you can do that with WordPress.

Of course, I always recommend blogging to be part of the website to help increase traffic, but everyone has their preferences, and WordPress accommodates that.

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Effective Images Class at WCC

Effective Images for Social Media ClassJust finished teaching the first class on “Effective Images for Social Media” at WCC through their Economic & Community Development program (also known as LifeLong Learning).   This class is part of the E-Marketing certificate program, but can be taken just for the heck of it.

In Effective Images we discuss what makes an “impactful”  image, look at branding, avatars, and images that create various moods.  We also jump into the technical side of images to deal with formats, sizes, cropping, and “creating” cool images for the various social media usages.

Of course, we examine the legal issues of images on the web.  And like my other classes, I share lots of very useful resources.  Rule #1 for this class is having fun!  If your knowledge of working with images is limited, this a great class for getting started.

Note:  For my out of state readers, WCC (Washtenaw Community College) is located near Ann Arbor, MI.

This class will be offered in the fall.  Watch for it on the WCC website.

Mary Bachman Exhibit at Riverside Arts Center

White Oak by Mary Bachman

White Oak: Gone But Not Forgotten

This exhibit is down right majestic.  As soon as you step into the gallery you are in awe.  It’s Mary’s Retrospective, containing art that represents her life’s work.

If you have any appreciation for visual arts, you do not want to let this month pass you by without taking a few moments to step into Mary’s art world.  There are 121 pieces in this exhibit which includes oil, casein, watercolor, pastel, colored pencil, graphite, pottery, weaving, photography and sculpture.

Mary has always been an explorer and has never ever quit learning or growing, always seeking mastery in her life’s work.  As we walked around the gallery looking at various pieces, she shared her favorites, such as “White Oak: Gone But Not Forgotten,” which is very representative of her subtle oil painting style.

Poppies in a Glass by Mary Bachman

Poppies in a Glass

Then there is the bold, red and blue pallet knife painting, “Poppies in a Glass” that is totally different from most of her work.  But when I’m standing on the other side of the room, I can’t stop looking at it.

Mary is a  true Michigander.  She went to Michigan State University and Eastern Michigan University back in the 40s.  She’s been a teacher, ran art workshops, mentored many artists and has been a leader in several of the area art organizations.

Stoneware Vase by Mary Bachman

Stoneware Vase

She has participated in group exhibits, juried exhibits and has had at least six solo shows.  Her artwork has won many awards over the years.  Some of those award winning pieces are in this Retrospective exhibit.

Barbara Melnick Carson, local artist, calls this exhibit “a joy to the eyes.”  Another artist, Angie Miller said, “I’ve been to many many exhibits throughout this area and this is the best one I’ve ever seen.”

Lady at the Beach by Mary Bachman

Lady at the Beach

During my time with the Riverside Arts Center I have hung well over 100 exhibits.  Plus, I attend up to three exhibits in the area almost every month.  Some of those exhibits were so powerful that I will never forget them.  This exhibit is among those that will stay seared  in my mind.  My eyes will fill with tears the day this show ends and it’s time for us to take it down.

Want to see the artwork of a living legend?  Come join us.  This exhibit is a must see!

Riverside Arts Center
76 N Huron Street             Exhibit dates:  May 30 – June 29, 2013
Ypsilanti, MI  48197        Gallery Hours:  Thur-Sat. 3-8pm and Sun. 1:30-4pm

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