I’m Ready for the Snow to Leave

Silhouette Sky #29, Dee Overly, Colored Pencil

I’m looking forward to seeing all of the birds return. There are so few coming to the feeders, it’s been so cold.

Winter is so not my favorite time of the year. Scraping ice off the car, shoveling snow off the walk, nope, not into it. So, I’m looking for an early spring this year, with open arms.

This is a great time for staying in and working on the drawing board though. But I’m not getting quite as much art produced as I did last year at this time.

I’ve started an eCommerce business. Decided to branch out into some other things that I love to do. I’m a big fan of soymilk, so I built a website where I can sell the soymilk machine that I use and love.

This is why the posting has been thin these days. Still working on the concept of balancing my time between my two worlds. It’s a priority thing.

The art piece for today is another one of my ATC (artist trading cards) in the Silhouette Sky series, done in Colored Pencil. Have a grand day!

Life Drawing on Saturdays

Every Saturday from 10 to 1 there is open life drawing sessions at the university near my home. I didn’t get there very much last year because I was concentrating on the “objects of nature” for my September exhibit.

It feels wonderful to be getting back into these live figure drawing sessions. I didn’t realize how much I missed them until I sat down with my sketchbook.

Live model drawing is an important process that I believe artists should participate in whenever possible. There’s just no substitute for the real thing.

One of the great things about these open sessions is that everyone can work with the materials of their choice. Everyone is doing their own thing. There’s pencils, charcoal, watercolor, pastels, pens, paints, etc., it’s all there, and wonderful things are being created.

I generally sketch with colored pencils or pens. I like to find an interesting shadow and work my way out from there. When the 20 minute timer beeps, time’s up, and I have whatever I have. Body parts, mostly incomplete body parts. It’s a great mental exercise.

Till next time. Have a grand day!





Busy and Loving it!

2008 is starting out with a very busy schedule.

It’s fun going through the call for entry art competition lists to see what exhibits it might be possible to get a piece of artwork into.

For your enjoyment today, I decided to bring you another one of my Artist Trading Card miniature pieces. I love this little lake scene with a bird in the tree watching the sun descend over the water.

This Silhouette Sky is done with Primsacolor colored pencils on bristle board.

The sky is a mixture of blue and clouds here in southern Michigan today and it’s in the 20s. We still have a thin layer of snow on the ground from the weekend snowfall.

Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy!

Have a grand day!

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