Focus with a Live Model

Another Saturday Drawing Session

We have different time limits for our sketching and drawing sessions. There’s the two minutes gestures, the ten minute sketches, twenty minute drawings, and then we have a full hour on the same pose.

An interesting thing happens as the time limit gets longer. People tend to slow down with their drawing process, but at the same time choose to draw more of the model. Now logic would tell you that if you get half of the model drawn in twenty minutes, you should complete a nice finished work of the entire figure in an hour. But it doesn’t happen like that because artists change their speed thinking they have plenty of time.

Once I realized that I fell prey to this method as well, I changed my focus during these live drawing sessions. Now, I often concentrate on areas of interest based on the shadows I see crossing the figure. As the time frame for drawing lets longer, I just concentrate more on the given area. This way I end up with a much more complete drawing, even though it’s only a portion of the figure.

But I’ve focused, studied and concentrated on what I’m seeing.

Spring Returns

Silhouette Sky #16, Colored Pencil, Dee Overly Let my heart sing
Spring returns…

Soon there will be buds
Then Leaves…

Let the sun
Warm the waters…

Remove the chill
From my bones and soul…

Let my heart sing
Spring returns.

Have a grand day!

The Last Supper, Very Close View

Last Supper ImageThis is super cool. If you have not seen this yet, you must check it out.

There is a 16-billion-pixel image of Leonardo da Vinci’s 15th century masterpiece, Last Supper, on the web.

You can zoom in on areas as small as one square millimeter. The view is so magnified that there are spots where you can even see some of the original drawing.

Enlarged Spot of Last Supper
This 100% magnified image on the right is a spot between the eyes on the above image.

There are three other works on the website that you can also get a close up view. Works that you may never get to see in your life time, you can zoom in and get close and personal with on the web. Technology can be so cool at times!

Have a look.

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