Elements by Dee Overly
17th CPSA International Exhibition
Jacqueline C. Hudgens Center for the Arts
Duluth, GA
July 9 – August 29, 2009

That’s me, standing underneath “Crossing the Elements.” It is such an honor to get accepted into this CPSA exhibit. I feel so blessed. This show is getting more difficult all the time.

This year there were nearly 700 pieces entered with only 122 chosen. During one evening of the convention, we watched a slide show of all the entries. There was so much amazing artwork; the choosing process must have been mind boggling.

There was a five day convention that ended with an artist reception at the gallery in Duluth. We had workshops, meetings, a banquet and lots of interaction and getting to know other artists. Very fun time. I plan on going to another one. Thanks for reading. Have a grand day!

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