EDM 141 by Dee Overly, Ink and Watercolor Sketch I’ve joined this Yahoo! Group called Everyday Matters. It’s a community that’s designed to encourage members to expand their creativity. The main focus is on drawing and creating illustrated journals.

Well, how could I pass this up, I love both. They have these weekly challenges of items or ideas for members to sketch. Then they post them on the web somewhere, anywhere for sharing. What fun!!

So, I’ve joined at challenge number 141, draw something with bristles. And there it sits on my kitchen sink right next to this week’s sponge, which I see is number 126 on the challenge list. Hmmmm, a two in one drawing. Cool, I’ll take it.

Things have been serious on the drawing board lately. It’ll be a delight to get back into the 10 minutes doodles in my sketchbook again. And I love the name, Everyday Matters. There’s so many ways to think about that.

Have a grand day!

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