Crossing-the-Elements by Dee Overly

“Crossing the Elements”, Colored Pencil on Stonehenge Paper, 11.5×15″ by Dee Overly

The Chelsea Painters are exhibiting at the Power Center for the Preforming Arts in Ann Arbor, MI, this month. The theme for the show is the Elements. Some artists did paintings that focus on just one of the elements, others did a combination.

When you think of the Elements, of course you think about nature. That naturally renders landscape type paintings. I wanted to do something different and veer away from that path, so I decided to do a still life. And as you can see, I set up my scrabble board.

This turned out to be a difficult piece for me. I quickly came to the conclusion that I’m not a fan of drawing letters, which you have to do if you’re doing an art piece with words in it. This piece was on my drawing board for two months. I’m pretty darn sure it’ll be a very long time before I even think about doing words again.

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