The News Feed in your Home section can be overwhelming with things you really aren’t interested in seeing. You can control what you view by putting all of your Friends into lists. And you can even decide what status itemz appear in each of those lists.

Menu Bar

When you log into Facebook, you are already on your Home page, but you can go there anytime by clicking Home in your menu bar.

Now look in your left column for Friends.

Left Column Depending on your activity, you many need to scroll down a ways to find the Friends area. Click More

Scroll your mouse over Friends and you’ll see the word More appear. Click on More to open the next window.

Notice that Facebook has already given you three lists to use. Close Friends and Family are usually sure things that everyone will use. I personally only use Acquaintances when I have absolutely no other list to put someone in.

Facebook also supplies a “Restricted” List. This list gives you an easy and private way to limit what you share with someone—without blocking or unfriending them. They won’t see the list name or be told they’re listed in it.

Edit an Existing List

I’m going to click on Close Friends and open the edit window.

Close Friends Edit

Here is where you set up the Notifications you want or don’t want. And where you manage the list. You can get very detailed in your management of what you see in your Feed for each List of Friends. In Manage List, you can edit who is in the list as well as the type of updates you want or don’t want to see.

Manage List

Notice the Updates that you have control over for this List of Friends. It’s virtually everyone a person can post on Facebook. You decide what you want to see and read. If you don’t want something to come through the Feed for that List, just uncheck it.

Next Click “Edit List” to add or remove Friends to the List.

Let me add a note here to a question that is often asked. Yes, you can add a Friend to more than one List.



Adding to a List

In reverse, to remove someone from the list, just click their picture while in the “On This List” mode and they will disappear from the list.

Create a New List

Go to: Friends (left column) > More > click Create List

What categories of lists do you need? What do you share in common with your Facebook Friends? Work, clubs, organizations, trips, art groups, and fishing buddies, etc, etc.

Using your Lists

First of all, they can be used as News Feeds. Still, when you arrive on your Home page, the News Feed running down the middle includes everyone of your Friends. Click Friends in the left column and you’ll see the Lists, both those already created by Facebook and the ones that you have created.

Click on a list and it will open in that middle News Feed area. This keeps the feeds smaller so you don’t miss the ones you’ve deemed the most important. It narrows the masses down to a few at a time.

Second, now that you have lists, you can specifically send out status reports to your lists. You can do that two different ways. One is to click on and open the list in that middle News Feed area, then click inside the Status bar to send a message to just that list.

If the default News Feed is open on your Home page or you are on your Profile page when you send out a status. You can still send an update to a specific list by using the drop down next to the Post button.

Send Status

Now you know the most efficient way to take control of that growing list of Friends you have on Facebook.

Have fun with it!

If this guide has been useful to you, please feel free to share it with others.

Have a wonderful day!





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