“Silhouette Sky #45” by Dee Overly


Chameleon ribbons wrap this present,
offered each an every day.
It decorates the wrapping,
for all eyes to view the display.

Sometimes white, sometimes hues of pink,
then sometimes at night the decorations wink.
The colors of the sunrise entwined with the clouds,
an awestruck painting given to the crowds.

Sometimes the colors come together,
in a delicious array of light.
Bright and cheery in the sun,
dark and seductive at night.

Opening this present is as easy a thing,
as flowers that open their petals
at the coming of spring.
Beauty shines as the dancing color settles.

A lovely part of the universe,
in this the birds love to fly,
the glorious reflection,
of the majestic sky.

Poem by April Self

Thanks for reading. Have a grand day!

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