Effective Images for Social Media ClassJust finished teaching the first class on “Effective Images for Social Media” at WCC through their Economic & Community Development program (also known as LifeLong Learning).   This class is part of the E-Marketing certificate program, but can be taken just for the heck of it.

In Effective Images we discuss what makes an “impactful”  image, look at branding, avatars, and images that create various moods.  We also jump into the technical side of images to deal with formats, sizes, cropping, and “creating” cool images for the various social media usages.

Of course, we examine the legal issues of images on the web.  And like my other classes, I share lots of very useful resources.  Rule #1 for this class is having fun!  If your knowledge of working with images is limited, this a great class for getting started.

Note:  For my out of state readers, WCC (Washtenaw Community College) is located near Ann Arbor, MI.

This class will be offered in the fall.  Watch for it on the WCC website.