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Feeling Moody

Silhouette Sky #18, Colored Pencil, by Dee Overly It’s been raining here for a couple days now. But today is the tomorrow for the sun to come out. I’m a lousy singer, but I’ve caught myself singing the tomorrow song a few times in the last day or two.

It’s amazing what the thoughts of sunshine, warm weather and spring can do for a soul. It can lighten a person’s step, get them focused on goals again, and look toward better times. For me, it washes away many of those moody feelings that come creeping in during the tail end of the cold winter months. At last, spring is here. It’s time to grow things and start anew.

It may be too tiny for you see in this moody sky, but there is a bird flying high in the darkness. I put it there as a symbol of the search, the flying through the storm, moving through the darkness. We are always seeking the light.

Have a grand day!

Sketching Portraits of Political Guys

Obama, Ink Pens, by Dee Overly Although I mostly work in colored pencil these day, I love to push around drawing sticks of various natures.

This Obama drawing was done with a set of Primsacolor Fine Line Markers. It’s a scribble drawing of mostly circles and figure eights to build layers of ink. No hatch lines in this sketch, just curve doodles.

Obama is going to be a fun political figure to sketch, he has a great face.

Just for yucks, I’ve pulled out a sketchbook from 2004 with a couple sketches I did during that presidential campaign.


Bush Sketch, Ink Pens, by Dee Overly


Kerry Sketch, Ink Pens, by Dee Overly


These were done with Micron Pens and lots of loose hatch lines. It’s a much faster sketching method and definitely looks very much like sketching.

Of course, this is five years later and I don’t do everything the same way I did then. I still use cross-hatching for faster sketches, but I do lots more these days with circle type scribbles.

It’s most likely a rub-off from working with colored pencil. I do lots and lots of tiny circles with colored pencils to build layers of color. And I’ve discovered that the technique can work nicely with ink pens as well.

So artists, grab your pens and sketch away. No erasers allowed, just move those writing sticks around.

Have a grand day!

Oh Yes, It’s Cold Outside

Silhouette Sky #47, Colored Pencil by Dee Overly Got up this morning to a 15 below zero winter’s day. With a windchill factor of 30 below. Massive school closings and rightfully so. I’m certainly not going outside.

So, I found my one and only winter Silhouette Sky miniature drawing. Hmmm, need to do some more. Something else to add to my “do” list.

Been working overtime these days with workshop materials and presentation things. My next workshop for “Your Art Web Presence” is around the corner on Jan.24th in Ypsilanti, MI.

Then hop on over to Lily Lafollette’s new blog. She attended the last workshop and got all enthused about starting her Art
Web Presence.

Have a grand day! Stay warm.

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