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Happy New Year 2010

Here’s a toast to past, present and future. May 2010 be filled with wonderful things. May goals and dreams become realities. May hopes become truth and fears pass away. May we all see better times and great days ahead.

Thank you to all who have supported me throughout this past year.
I’ve made a wonderful list of goals for 2010. Have you started working on yours? If not, go to for some inspiration.

Happy New Year to You!!

Attitude of Gratitude

Silhouette Sky 79, Thankfulness by Dee Overly
We’ve just passed through my favorite “holiday” of all the declared holidays on the calendar.

To take a day and reflect on all the things in this life that we have to be thankful for is the best thing that anyone can do. We so often need reminders that good things come to those who live with an attitude of gratitude.

And Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful booster shot to keep us thinking that way.

This is Silhouette Sky #79, Thankfulness, Colored Pencil, 3.5 x 2.5.”

Thank you for reading!

Getting Balance

Silhouette Sky #77, Colored Pencil, by Dee Overly
No, I don’t do Yoga. I’m a wimp. I admire those dedicated souls who commune with their bodies with this form of exercise.

I’m still working on my Silhouette Sky series. The last few I’ve added the human figure. My thoughts were on balance when doing this piece. I’m a lover of balance. Life is all about balance.

Fortune and fate, justice and power, debit and credit, mental and emotional, proportional, equilibrium, harmony…. these thoughts all come to mind when thinking about keeping balance in the matters of life.

As artists, we use balance in our designs and paintings to bring about harmonious compositions. Ah, to compose our lives the same way….

Have a grand day!

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