The Stairs Sketch by Dee OverlyAs many of you know, I’m a sketchbook lover and generally carry one around with me most of the time. I’d gotten a bit out of the habit the last few months because of the multitude of other things going on.

Yesterday I participated in a wonderful little Sketchbook workshop that Patti Casteel held down in the Kerrytown area of Ann Arbor. It was an absolute delight. A perfect day to get me back on track with my sketchbook adventures.

It was so inspiring to ponder through other artists’ sketchbooks and share ideas and purposes. Then we were turned loose onto Kerrytown and the Farmers Market to find a spot to plop and sketch away.

If you’ve cruised that area at all, then you probably know where this orange staircase is located. It was like heaven to sit with my little book, some pens and colored pencils, and sip on a cup of latte. It is indeed like meditation for me. Life doesn’t get any better.

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