Art Model's Handbook by Andrew Cahner

Art Model’s Handbook

If you’ve read my blog at all, you know that I’m a big fan of figure drawing. I go to life drawing sessions when I can and belong to online figure drawing groups. If this is a topic that interests you at all than you need to check out this new read.

This is quite a unique book. At first glance it’s obvious it should be read by anyone who is thinking about modeling for artists. It certainly covers every aspect of what a model should know in order to properly function in this specialized business.

But it’s even bigger than that. This 141 page paperback guide is written through the eyes of a model. An unusual perspective in comparison with what has been available on the topic. And it contains valuable information for everyone involved with this art process.

Drawing the nude figure has been a subject for artists for centuries. And it will always be so. If you are an art student, an art model, an art instructor, a nude photographer, or a working artist and love life drawing, you will find value in this wonderful resource book.

Learn more about it on the Art Model’s Handbook website.

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