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The News Feed in your Home section can be overwhelming with things you really aren’t interested in seeing. You can control what you view by putting all of your Friends into lists. And you can even decide what status itemz appear in each of those lists.

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When you log into Facebook, you are already on your Home page, but you can go there anytime by clicking Home in your menu bar.

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Silhouette Sky Detroit Drawing

Silhouette Sky #84 Detroit

Silhouette Sky #84 Detroit


Did You Know?

~The first concrete highway was built in Wayne County in 1909.
~The first Ice Cream Soda was served in Detroit in 1876.
~The Detroit News financed the first radio station to broadcast regular news in 1920.
~Detroit supplied 75% of the liquor during Prohibition.
~Detroit has the only floating Post Office in the U.S., the JW Westcott II.
~There are 1400 acres of salt mines with more than 50 miles of roads that lie 1200 feet below Detroit




San Francisco Silhouette Sky

Silhouette Sky #83 San Francisco

Silhouette Sky #83 San Francisco


San Francisco is a super fun city to visit!

Ride the cable cars.Visit the different neighborhoods, such as Union Square, Chinatown and Fisherman’s Wharf.
Visit Alcatraz
Walk the Golden Gate Bridge
Enjoy unending art exhibits
And the food and drink…..

Traveling down Lombard Street was very cool!





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